Medellín based Dj and producer. Ex Resident of the missing Mansion Club. Artist at Naked Index (Berlin) and Woods N Bass Records (Colombia)
Astronomical Telegram, as a secret message, transcoded from the creative thoughts in the tomb, which is sent to the space of the dreamers to capture directly into the sound system.

Daniel Restrepo from Medellín, Colombia begins to take his first steps in music production at age 20, influenced by the old school in Detroit and Birmingham in regards to Techno music.
At the age of 23, Daniel appears with his first releases on labels such as Labrynth and Reaktivate, the latter pressed on a 12-inch disc that includes a remix of the famous Ukrainian producer Stanilav Tolkachev, shortly after Daniel is received in Berlin. Secondary seal Naked Index of «Frozen Broder» was also released on 12 inches and sold at the legendary Hardwax record store; release which AT is played in the best Techno clubs in the world such as Tresor, Berghain among others, played by great djs like Steffi or Sigha by some names.

In May 2015 he toured Argentina playing in the Under Club, an area that has recently received artists such as Dave Clarke, Eduardo de la Calle and Zenker Brothers. In addition, it should be noted that clearly in his sets of dj has illustrated his great skill and dexterity. Its deep, seductive and esoteric sound in all moods. The cycles, the hum of the bells and the basses always captivate until a subtle break calms the essence.

Last, but not least, Daniel signed on «Woods N Bass» (seal of the dj and producer Merino) where he signs his last solo of 4 tracks equally pressed on 12 inches.



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