Changing the reality around us is the only way to improve each individual. That is the purpose of life and the dare to be achieved, the only way to become a change agent, the art of driving people.
Apart from an Oberding district, Albert von Schrenck-Notzing was a German physician, psychiatrist and psychical researcher who was pioneer investigating paranormal areas like mediumship, hypnotism, telepathy… Schrenck-Notzing is known as the first forensic psychologist of the history.

Also, /ˈnʌθɪŋ/ can be some kind of word play with the English word «nothing» when verbalized. And now, Notzing is an electronic music project.

When Dario Garcia started to design his own sounds, his first obsession was to being able to use frequencies to induce altered states of consciousness to those who listen. Psychoacoustics, low and high frequencies, weird equalizations and heavy post-processes are some of the resources he has been always working around in his different projects to cause different somatizations to the listener.

Notzing is the project to develop this idea in form of useful tools for the DJ, to being used in long mixes, powerful quadraphonic sound systems and a bunch of listeners. When these conditions are met, the project background makes sense.

The Notzing project compositions usually are monotones complex loops, with a repetitive rhythm oscillating (usually 4/4). This is not a lazy or an easy choice. The purpose is to make easier the trance induction and to give more freedom to the creative process of the DJ (the modern shaman or medium) to overlap layers of sounds, textures and to develop a unique sound. It’s a way to empower the complexity of the rest of the sounds and the space where these are placed in the mix. It’s the DJ task to play with loops and to develop the ritual live for the listeners.

Since Notzing is a conceptual project, all the compositions and works published responds to cycles orbiting towards recurrent themes. Despite of these thematic cycles, the underlying idea of each work is the induction of altered states. There are some cycles where this purpose is more evident. These cycles won’t be closed since the themes threated are the inspiration source and raison d’être of the project

Dario Garcia was born in Madrid in 1993. He has been experimenting with sound since his childhood, establishing his professional beginning as producer in 2012, when he joins to a squad of the Spanish Freetekno movement, releasing some works in 12” on labels like Kunda or Obs.Cur, one of the most important Dutch acid labels.

Gradually he was implied in the environmental and experimental musical production. This arose numerous projects which would serve him as a basis for learning the techniques that today he applies on its main active project, allowing him to experiment with a wide range of sound synthesis techniques to induce the hypnotic trance with pulses and waves.

In 2017, Dario created Knotzept Records as a label where release all his most experimental and avant-gardist works. His vision about the label is a comparison with the finest art galleries. A free space where expose the most modern and cutting-edge electronic textures and sounds.



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