Great selector and lover of vinyl, format in which she plays her sets where she goes through the darkest, melodic and deep sounds of techno.

Her performances in different clubs such as Tresor, Lanna, Utopia, Family Club, Florida 135 or Barraca and her work in different radios and platforms both nationally and internationally, lead her to be an artist in constant evolution.

She is currently immersed in the radio project on Hihat radio where she is responsible for directing the Night Rider program, which is a resident of the capital at the Elecktra Club events (Madrid).

She is also a collaborator and actant of «The awakening of a city», Cultural and social movement where the associations Geometrika FM, XXXO Architecture, Artistic and social creation, E.A.C. Electronica is art and culture, and the citizens’ initiative NIX (night table): NightLife commission.



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